is our weekly evangelistic gathering open to believers and unbelievers.

Why Awaken?

We believe that God wants to awaken all people to who he really is so that he can awaken you to who you really are. Once you are awakened to God's true identity and your true identity, you will then be able to see people through this lens and help them discover their true identity found only in relationship with Jesus.

Part of God awakening us to our true identity includes him revealing our calling, purpose, mission and destiny. In this process you will also discover your spiritual and natural gifts as well as talents he has given you to be a blessing to everyone with which you come into contact.

What to expect in these gatherings:

  • Preaching and teaching of God's word
  • Open discussion of biblical truth as it relates to real life issues
  • Prayer and Worship

These gatherings meet at various venues and are lead by Acts 321 Pastors. See the events page under the "Resources" tab for more information.


At this time, no specific childcare will be provided but all ages are welcome.