Every Sunday, 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Awaken is our weekly contemporary Church service.

Why Awaken? We believe that God is in the process of awakening his Church. When you are awakened to God's true identity, you simultaneously discover your true identity. After you have discovered your identity in Christ, you can then begin to awaken others to their opportunity to discover true identity in Christ.

Part of God awakening His people to their true identity includes awakening them to their Calling, Mission, Purpose and Destiny. We believe all of these are revealed by His Son in the Word of God.

We also believe God is in the process of awakening individuals to their spiritual gifts and talents as well as their natural gifts and talents which he intends to use in order to continue to bring the restoration of His kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven.


1312 N Wilton Pl,
Hollywood, CA 90028


At this time, no childcare will be provided but all ages are welcome in the service.

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